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Linear Representations of Finite Groups ebook
Linear Representations of Finite Groups ebook

Linear Representations of Finite Groups by Jean-Pierre Serre

Linear Representations of Finite Groups

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Linear Representations of Finite Groups Jean-Pierre Serre ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 179
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3540901906, 9783540901907

Language: English Released: 1977. Be a locally compact Hausdorff topological group that has a faithful finite-dimensional linear representation, i.e. I'm a dynamic lecturer who is good at generating excitement A problem with Dummit and Foote is that they treat representation theory merely as a tool for studying finite groups, which is not very motivating to people like me (compared with a modern treatise like in Etingof's lecture notes). A representation of of a finite group Here is the subspace of consisting of invertible linear transformations of , and we are thinking of as acting on the left. ň绍学,《近世代数基础》. Unlike many other texts, this book deals with the theory of representations of finite groups, compact groups, linear Lie groups and their Lie algebras, concisely and. GO Linear Representations of Finite Groups Author: Jean-Pierre Serre Type: eBook. In particular, the theory has been a key ingredient in the classification of finite simple groups. Serre, Linear representations of finite groups. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. Serre: Complex semisimple Lie algebra and their representations. Representations of Finite Groups. Publisher: Springer Page Count: 179. An injective continuous homomorphism { ho: G ightarrow GL_d({bf C})} into some linear group. Representation Theory of Finite Groups - CH 18 Dummit and Foote in Linear & Abstract Algebra is being discussed at Physics Forums. Abstract linear algebra, including tensor products, would also be a strong plus, although in theory they've all had that already. I am reading Dummit and Foote on Representation Theory CH 18.

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